Walnut & Maple kitchen shelves by ed carr


Oak meditation stool by ed carr

Slightly refined contours and harder edges providing a better balance than the first version.

White oak, sanded to 320 grit, finished with Kreidezeit Holzlasur, buffed with homemade furniture polish


Upholstery trestles by ed carr

Height adjusting double upholstery horses, spruce, finished with linseed oil and home made paste wax (linseed oil, turpentine and beeswax)

Meditation stool by ed carr

Made from pine, finished with danish oil

Paul Sellers design work bench by ed carr

Inspired by Paul Sellers, I needed a solid wood work bench for the garage.

squarespace site up and running by ed carr

I have been looking for a decent site provider for a good year now. I've spent the last 5 years running basic photography content using wordpress, however this has become increasing more time consuming to manage to a point where I rarely updated the images I have been working on (a sure sign that something needs to change) 

Although I use smugmug for the main storage of images I capture for family and firends I need an external site to showcase what I think is some of my best work.

squarespace's site make it easy and quick to build content and manage it all from one point that I had a site up and running in under an hour